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Be alert winter cold water meter be frost crack

Date: 2015-7-27 11:54:31 Read: 2047 times

   Siping few after the rain and snow weather, siping continuous low temperature, the more and more cold weather, residents water meter, "strike". In recent days, the number of water meter by freezing is rising.

   Water meter if frost crack, have been drip water problems will occur and this situation is to go to repair, or we'll waste a lot of water. This will make the contact and measure, and at the office of the water company to buy water meter, maintenance personnel to the door to change. Generally buy the water meter, in the afternoon, maintenance master door replacement meter.

   Mostly in the maintenance of the master years experiences, the temperature is too low, it is easy to lead to residents of the house of frosty water meter. Building door often open none, borehole pipe and air conditioning, coupled with less water, water is not flowing in the pipeline is important factor which causes water meter frost crack. Replacement after the new table, maintenance teacher usually do to keep warm for water meter, with thick cotton cloth wrapped the water meter. The cold weather for water meter "dress warm", to ensure the safety of water meter for the winter. The meter, that is to exposing outdoor can bind in cotton and linen fabrics, plastic foam insulation. If the temperature below 5 ℃, it can be in the evening a little twist on faucets, make water into line, ensure to prevent frozen tube flowing water. For long-term not houses, it is suggested that the owner to apply for protective water supply.

   In addition, maintenance teacher reminded, once found a water meter is frost crack, the priority is close the valve, and then to tap water company for help.