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Factors to consider when buying a water meter

Date: 2015-7-27 11:31:56 Read: 1768 times

1. Price:

The purchase of any goods need to consider its price performance ratio. As a water trade settlement using measuring instruments, its price performance ratio has its particularity. In accord with the basic requirements of the water meter verification regulations or by first verification under the premise of water meter, water meter read health durable, copy of the material used is reliable and convenient, the size of the pressure loss, ease of maintenance, dismantling, adaptability to installation site (such as may be installed in the outdoor) is the main performance of the water meter.

2. Consider water quality adaptability:

Due to various reasons, many occasions with water flowing through the meter and the terminal of the water quality and ideal did not out of the water is clean, sometimes with some impurities (such as rust, sand, linen, silk, etc.). In this case, in addition to the pipeline design for water meter to consider to install some filters and other measures, choose to adapt to such water quality meter or flowmeter is need to consider. Relatively speaking, the speed type water meter to smaller, while the volumetric water meter for water quality request is higher.

3. Choose water meter indicating type:

General word wheel as well, clear reading, easy copy to read. But in the north because water meter Wells in the water meter is deep, installation instead of pointer type. But in recent years, the development of new water meter are all imported from abroad digestion and absorption of water meter, are basically liquid seal type of the counter, can take readings of auxiliary method.

4. Consider the convenience of installation and maintenance:

For large caliber water meter, especially to consider this. So that no water supply installation and replacement of tables or for repair of water meter (such as a removable type water meter) can meet these requirements. The installation of water meter length and connection mode is also a factor to consider.