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Teach you to install water meter manufacturer intelligent water meter

Date: 2015-8-14 10:41:29 Read: 1831 times

    With the rapid development of modern science and technology, many things have realized the intellectualized, in this environment, the intelligent water meter manufacturers to obtain the good development environment. The emergence of intelligent water meter has brought great convenience to our lives, whether in the daily use or on the settlement are very smart, save us a lot of time. But how can this kind of water meter installation, water meter factory below small make up is to introduce only water meter installation method.

    When installing a smart meter, first of all we must choose the right calibre. Water meter is installed at the level of need, to up its surface, and the shell of the above table should be consistent with the flow direction arrow. The installation position of water meter must avoid light exposure, and frozen and pollution, but also for future repair and removal of meter reading, etc. Water meter manufacturer here small make up remind you that before installing must choose the location of the water meter. If bad location selection, the use of, or in the future change is very troublesome.

    We when installing intelligent water meter, but also in its upstream and downstream are installed on the valve, when use to ensure that it can be opened entirely. We also need to pay attention to the inside of the pipe water meter installed weeds left by sediment and other material to clean up in time, or it will affect the normal use. This is a water meter manufacturer small make up to share with you the installation of an intelligent water meter general process and methods, hope to help you.