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Help you solve the problem of water meter idling water meter manufacturer

Date: 2015-8-4 9:36:31 Read: 2029 times

   If no leakage after table, the user is in water, and water meter is still in the rotation, we call it a water meter idling, this kind of situation is likely to produce excess costs. Water meter manufacturers, according to many years experience, can tell you some methods for solving the fundamental way to solve the water meter idling is accumulated gas let out the pipe. But water meter manufacturer to remind you, analyzing the specific case to its solving steps in general are as follows:

   1. Observe the clock turn the situation, whether uniform rotation. So uniform rotation, behind of leakage for the table or individual of leak valve packing, after excluding can be solved.

   2. Such as uneven rotation, after exclusion of leakage water meter is still blank, is to put all of the user's point of water, a water meter manufacturer prompts you to especially pay attention to check the pipe for a long time without plug, supervision on whether directly with the heater (such as TuNuanQi, water heater, solar energy, etc.).

   3, the above rule out after the problem is still not solved, will observe whether there is upside down the pipe laying, elbow is overmuch, local ∏ type installation, water nozzle pressure is low or unstable. First of all solve the problem of water pressure; Second correct irrational way of pipe laying; Then deflated, according to the water meter manufacturer tip of this a few method the idling problems usually will solve.

   4. If you have large area, multi-family idling, water meter manufacturer to remind you that you must find out the presence of secondary water supply facilities in the district, and is accompanied by hydraulic volatility;

   Above is a water meter manufacturer according to many years of operating and production experience summarizes several effective methods, the hope can help you, reduce the unnecessary water.