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How to avoid the happening of water meter measuring inaccurate

Date: 2015-7-27 11:27:19 Read: 1656 times

    Water supply units in water meter for the user's selection, the first thing to make scientific calculations, combined with the user selection and match the rated flow of water meter. Users of water, water margin is not consistent, so general for water fluctuation older users equipped with rotor type water meter, as the water is not too large amplitude fluctuation of configuration of water capacity is larger and the head loss lighter horizontal screw vane meter. Horizontal screw vane meter with rotor, by contrast, the former flow performance is more superior to the latter. For water wave abnormal amount of some places are equipped with double water meter; Some dusty places higher flooded probability with wet water meter; And some specific areas, its actual flow in pipe is far in excess of 30% of the horizontal screw vane meter nominal flow, vane with level meter.

    The design of the water meter installation need to conform to the requirements of the water meter work. In order to reduce the water meter measuring error, at the time of the design and installation points to note: a water meter must be installed on the straight section of pipe; Try to install water meter level; Do not install the meter in the strong vibration or water hammer involved in places as far as possible avoid install the water meter design in a soft location; Can install on the road in the tube small "water hammer" eliminator, avoid opening and closing of the valve or tap "water hammer"; The pipe installation is done, it should be the pipe rinse and then debris to the installation of water meter; After water meter installation or pipe repair, should fully open valves before table, through the exhaust valve, emptying air in the pipe; Should choose as far as possible inside sleek, internal coating of good pipe lining and hydraulic conditions, reduce wall scaling phenomenon.