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Ultrasonic water meter technical characteristics and application

Date: 2015-7-27 13:37:19 Read: 1848 times

   Leakage rate has been the important indicators affecting the economic benefits of the water supply enterprise. In our country city the leakage rate of 30%, the highest can amount to 40%. And the main factors of high leakage rate is due to the current measurement with mechanical rotor meter (hereinafter referred to as the mechanical water meter) pick up due to high traffic. Users in the process of actual water often make the mechanical water meter at or below the critical initiating work flow condition, water loss caused leakage rate increase.

   Water unit power consumption is another indicator of water supply enterprise economic benefits. Mechanical water meter and a larger pressure loss will cause the increase of water delivery unit power consumption. Because of increasingly shortage of water resources and energy, water and electricity price rise ceaselessly, improve the two indexes not only can improve the economic benefit of water supply enterprises, at the same time also has profound significance for saving water and energy saving. But the above two factors are due to the principle of the mechanical water meter, in order to fundamentally solve the problem must be a breakthrough in terms of measurement technology.

   Tangshan of instrument co., LTD., is developed using the ultrasonic flow principle of ultrasonic water meter completely solve the mechanical water meter high initiating the flow, pressure loss, low accuracy and short service life, and many other problems. In addition also has a wireless meter reading, payment management, etc. Following the principle of ultrasonic water meter, ultrasonic water meter compared with mechanical water meter main technical performance indicators, and introduces the concrete application effect.

   Ultrasonic flow principle is the use of ultrasonic transducer ultrasonic and its spread in the water; When the ultrasonic propagation in flow water from "velocity difference", the velocity difference is proportional to the velocity of water, ultrasonic water meter is the use of this principle and thus also known as speed difference method ultrasonic water meter.