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What are the commonly used water meter on the market

Date: 2015-7-27 11:11:06 Read: 1891 times

   The variety of commonly used water meter type:

    1, according to the principle of measuring points: divided into speed type water meter and positive displacement meter.

   (1) the speed type water meter: install in closed pipes, is composed of a motion components, and make it directly by the water flow velocity gain momentum speed meter. A typical rotor speed type water meter of water meter, spiral type water meter. Rotor in the water meter and flow meter and flow meter beam beam.

   (2) positive displacement meter: installed in the pipe, by some successive filled with fluid of known volume capacity and discharge chamber and with the fluid drive mechanism of water meter, or quantitative type water meter. Positive displacement piston structure commonly used water meter.

    2, according to the metrology are rated: divided into class A table, table table B, C, D table.

    Measurement level reflects the meter work flow range, especially under small flow rate measuring performance. According to the order from low to high, generally can be divided into class A table, table table B, C, D table, its measurement performance reached the national standard of grade A, B, C, D level of the corresponding requirements.

    3, according to the nominal diameter points: divided into large caliber water meter, small diameter meter. According to the nominal diameter is usually divided into small water meter and large caliber water meter.

    Nominal diameter of 40 mm and below the water meter is often referred to as small water meter, water meter called the big caliber of nominal diameter of 50 mm above water meter. These two meter is sometimes referred to as civil water meter and meter used in industry, at the same time, the rule of thirds can distinguish from the case of water meter connection, nominal 40 mm and below water meter with threaded connections, 50 mm and above water meter with flange connection.

    4, according to utility cent: divided into civil water meter, water meter used in industry.

    5, according to the direction of the installation points: divided into installed level meter, vertical water meter.

    According to installation direction is usually divided into level meter and vertical installation of water meter (also known as vertical table), refers to the flow parallel or perpendicular to the horizontal plane when installation meter, on the water meter dial with "H" on behalf of the level of installation, with "V" represents the vertical installation.

    6, according to the temperature of the medium: is divided into cold water meter, water meter.