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Heat meter factory explains the structure of ultrasonic heat meter

Date: 2015-8-22 9:55:10 Read: 2388 times

   As people living standard unceasing enhancement, all kinds of new technology products are available, this has prompted many heat meter manufacturer rapid rise, various category also release the heat meter, ultrasonic heat meter is used in the modern life is more a kind of intelligent heat meter. But, for ultrasonic heat structure, but few people know that heat meter factory below small make up for everyone to explain this structure ultrasonic heat meter, there is what?

   Ultrasonic heat meter, including ultrasonic transducer components, measuring tube. Its characteristics is also include table, table body left side install ball valve and ball valve, which is connected with control motor Settings; Including the sealing ring, spring, spring, spring seat and ball valve flexibility contradicting coordination; Ball valve at the back of the matching set seat sealing table set up in the body bracket, bracket middle installation Settings measuring tube; Bracket on each mirror, the setup button on the table to set the table with this seat, hooking area around ultrasonic transducer components were set up. Table set with this seat box, box bridge with the Settings box cover, box seat cover in table set heat probe; Integrating instrument, control circuit, control circuit board set on the M - bus set copy and M - bus set copy bus communication interface.

   Above is the manufacturer of heat meter small make up to introduce the part of the ultrasonic heat meter, hope is what you want, need ultrasonic heat meter, heat meter, water meter and other kinds of products of friends, you can feel free to contact us shandong hui ze instrument technology co., LTD., we will provide you with the highest quality products and the best quality service.